Craigslist Software auto flagger features:

Basic flagger features:

 When you search your target keyword, all the ads come up with our Craigslist Software toolbars on top. A button on the left of each ad omits the ads not to be touched (your ads, and friendly competitors) Click the flag button next to that, and the software opens the window, clicks the ad, closes the window, ejects the used cookies, and requests two new ones. Our software makes sure the correct cookies are in place.

The panel of buttons on the left under the search have 4 functions. 

  • "Flag All" goes down the list and flags each ad that is not hidden/omitted. The cookies are then ejected, and replaced with new ones.
  • "Flag 4 X" goes down the list, flags each ad not omitted, ejects the cookies, reloads the page and does it again 4 times.
  • "Flag Forever" performs this sequence continuously. We use this method to auto scan for new ads all day and auto flag them as they come up. The reload button stops any of the automated functions in their tracks, ejects the used cookies and reloads the page, which replaces the cookies fresh.
  • Both flagging engines allow you to choose which type of flag the flagger will give the ad. You can choose which flag you would like, Prohibited is the only flag supported by craigslist to mark it as spam now.  You can have both auto auto flagging engines with the full version called Best of Craigslist, or Zion Master's suite, then you can also choose to flag your own ads as best of Craigslist as a tactic to re-enforce your fresh ads and also cancel out negative flags to defend your own posts.
  • Preview window for watching each ad load and receive its flag.
  • Interval timer for adjusting the interval between flags.
  • Error timeout window so the app doesn't get hung up on an ad that doesn't load. You can also adjust this setting for slower proxies.
  • Built in persistent memory for all settings and configuration until you change it.

The Zion edition also has extra features for craigslist marketing.

  • With Zion Auto Flagger software, you have both auto flagging engines, so you can choose which flag you would like to apply to the posts you select as your targets, Prohibited, or Best of Craigslist. You can choose to flag yourself as Best of Craigslist to defend your own posts by using this technique to cancel out negative flags, or you can choose to mark any group of ads you like as spam to help curb aggressive spammers.
  • Also comes with CraigsCookies, a simple cookie deleter add-on for deleting only the cookies on the page you are on, so you don’t erase your entire cache trying to keep your craigslist activities private.
  • Also comes with the CraigsTheme app, It allows you to change the text / links / buttons to any of 32,000 different colors with a color picker for limitless combinations. You can also set your background image to anything you like, and center / stretch / tile it any way you like and adjust the opacity of the image so you can still see what your doing. Zion does come with a limited color picker and darken Theme, and this will replace that with limitless options to customize Craigslist until your hearts content.

  • Also comes with CraigsPrivacy, this built in feature deletes your old cookies and gets fresh ones every time you open any contact form on craigslist. We discovered that they are ignoring certain users based upon their activity as recorded by cookies craigslist puts on your machine.

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Craigslist Software Flagger Products

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