Prometheus & Zion Installation Tips:

Some Things to check:

You are currently running 2.0. Our software has been designed to work with Firefox Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit ONLY. The Flaggers work in any Firefox browser that is Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit. If you need to update your Firefox, get it here.


Did your link expire? Just contact support, and we can give you a new one only if you have not already installed it. The new links will expire as well, be sure to use them the same day you receive them.

Not sure if you have installed our software? Click here to see your software turn on automatically from inside of the correct Firefox browser when you visit Craigslist.

Software installed, but isn't showing?


If you are re-installing due to an update or upgrade, do not uninstall the old version. If there has been no effect, just delete your Firefox browser cache select "everything" not just "last hour" and install Prometheus right over top again.

If you checked this link, and your software is not functioning, Do NOT "try it" on another machine. You will be billed for the extra copy and your account will be suspended. We have ZERO tolerance for piracy, and we can see you using it, and installing it. If we determine a copy has been stolen, we can deactivate it as well.

If you require our assistance via Teamviewer, there is a fee for this, refunded if it was our error and not yours. Here is the link to those Teamviewer instructions.

All other issues may be resolved by contacting support. Thanks for your support!